Our Team

Celebrating our differences

through workplace diversity and inclusion

At DiverseJobsMatter (DJM) @ Owen Reed, we take diversity and inclusion to the heart of everything we do, starting with the people that make the magic happen. Founder Anna Wallbank has curated a team of Talent Acquisition Executives with a range of backgrounds and skills who are dedicated to championing diversity and inclusion at every step of the hiring process.

Anna Wallbank

Anna Wallbank Managing Director

Anna has been a strategic business partner to City of London law firms for over 25 years. Horrified at the under representation of ethnic minorities in talent acquisition, she launched DJM to level the playing field.
Adebayo Onafuwa

Adebayo Onafuwa Team Manager

With a Master's Degree in HR and 15 years of industry experience, Adebayo’s passion for fairness and transparency inspired him to help organisations build a more inclusive workforce, starting with their recruitment processes.
Molly Hugh

Molly Hugh Diversity & Inclusion Executive

An ethical and eloquent professional well-versed in critical gender and race theory. A motivated self-starter and world traveller, Molly values emotional intelligence and generosity as essential to building an inclusive environment.
Janiene Farquharson

Janiene Farquharson Talent Acquisition Executive

A modern historian, writer, and editor, Janiene always aims to overachieve. As an experienced recruiter with a background in market research, she understands the imperativeness of meeting people’s needs.
Samuel Olaiya

Samuel Olaiya Talent Acquisition Executive

Law graduate, basketball player and diversity champion, Samuel is passionate about helping BAME teenagers to reach their full potential. His mantra: ‘If one struggles we all struggle, if one triumphs we all triumph’.
Tashea Raymond Ducille

Tashea Raymond Ducille Talent Acquisition Executive

Pragmatic, focussed and authentic, Tashea is a legal student with a passion to push diversity. Career-motivated and determined, she aims to continually develop her legal skills one job at a time.
Nikol Villagomez

Nikol Villagomez Talent Acquisition Executive

Nikol strives to diminish the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to managing people. As a good listener who values integrity, Nikol harnesses her marketing and recruitment agency background to help candidates to stand out in the jobs market.
Afrina Alia Shaikh

Afrina Alia Shaikh Talent Acquisition Executive

Afrina is an expert when it comes to connecting young people to new opportunities. An enterprising and digital savvy individual, she is an outstanding content creator.
Chantelle Msumbuga

Chantelle Msumbuga Talent Acquisition Executive

Chantelle stands for being trustworthy, transparent and understanding, allowing her to go the extra mile in everything she does. Chantelle makes it her mission to promote workplace diversity and strengthen the wider community.
Dawalola Balogun

Dawalola Balogun Talent Acquisition Executive

Law student and CEO of a football academy, Dawalola is passionate about empowering young people to make informed life choices. Having pitched his ideas to prime ministers, Dawalola is driven by conviction.
Dawalola Balogun

Semia Mitra Talent Acquisition Executive

A progressive diversity champion within the legal sector, Semia challenges the norms of working in the City. She firmly believes that community engagement if a fundamental pillar of inclusion.